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Baby, We’re Back

By on January 12, 2015

On behalf of the My City Gossip fashion team I would like to apologize for our recent absence. However, 2015 is our year and we have so much in store for you, our valued readers. We are coming full frontal with Fashion. Andrea McDonald and her writers will keep you up to date with the biggest trends of the new year! In addition to Fashion, you should look forward to more Beauty articles, making sure you’re looking your best in 2015.

We thank you for sticking around with us, and we are so excited to bring you the latest trends this year!


The My City Gossip Team

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Growing up in a small town, I always knew I belonged in the city. And my love of writing brought me to Toronto to pursue Journalism. I’m new to the fashion-writing world but I’ve always adored the industry. Make-up is my first love and when I’m not typing away you can find me covered in swatches testing out the newest products. I’m an amature baker, aspiring traveler and a self-proclaimed professional instagram photo editor. Follow my journey into the fashion world here and @journjess.