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Celebrity Secrets Revealed

By on February 20, 2015

We all love celebrities and their secrets! Whether its tricks and tips to looking good, or secrets about how they stay fit, their smell and most of all who dated who; we just love to stay in the know! So here is a list of celebrity secrets that left me in awe!

There are a few scandalous secrets that have been revealed, and should not be used at any cost! A few years back Adriana Lima revealed that 12 hours before she hits that glittery runway she doesn’t give her body any water or food… apparently this dries out her body leaving her muscles more defined and helps rid the water weight; not safe or smart to reveal this secret to the public.

A rumor was once spread about Zac Efron stating that he has a distinct smell… the type of smell one gets from not showering often. Yikes, why does he have to be so beautiful but yet have a terrible body odor?

It was revealed that Beyonce is allergic to perfume which is rather ironic seeing as she has released multiple fragrances.

The Olsen twins are always looking flawless in pictures, their secret? Right before a picture is shot they mouth the word “prune” this word makes one purse their lips but also relaxes your mouth.

Jessica Chastain’s trick to a red carpet smile is to stick your tongue behind your teeth, this prevents over smiling and showing any gums!

Kate Hudson is always glowing…. her trick; dunk your head in a bucket of ice water!!! Ouuu, not fun at all!

Emma Stone doesn’t spend her money on expensive moisturizers, instead she buys natural grape seed oil from the grocery store and uses this to moisturize her skin! This is a great solution for someone with sensitive skin, or multiple allergies.

How to get rid of fine lines? This secret may be gross, but Sandra Bullock suggests putting Preparation H under your eyes, this leaves your skin feeling like a baby’s bottom… literally.

Want shiny healthy hair like Zoe Saldana? Use the mayonnaise hair treatment! This is a trick that she is guilty of using, and says that this is something she has been doing since she was a kid; it’s natural and inexpensive.

Danni Minogue has some secrets for hiding any unflattering bumps and curves, she found this secret through meditation and the study of chakras… but wearing the color yellow helped her hide baby bump and her after pregnancy tummy!

Celebrity Stylist; George Kotsiopoulos gave some fashion advice on how to not look overdone or over styled. Avoid wearing more than two statement pieces (two pieces is pushing it); this makes it look like your fashion sense is natural and is done without even trying!

Celebrity scandals and secrets are entertaining. But the secrets I love most are those that benefit me, so bring on the beauty secrets and let me know what other celebrities have revealed about their lives @kenziecam

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