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Designer Spotlight: Giorgio Armani

By on May 25, 2015

Giorgio Armani is an Italian Fashion Designer best known for creating iconic fashion pieces for men. Giorgio Armani has generated various labels and stores internationally and has become one of Italy’s most successful designers. He has expanded his business into houseware, accessories, cosmetics, eyeglasses, skiwear and has also established a foundation for books and hotels.

Giorgio Armani began his career in the mid 1970’s creating a brand known as Armani. He produced men’s and women’s ready to wear spring and summer clothing (in Milan) which paved the way for luxury ready to wear clothing. Both became hugely successful leading Armani to enter the United States. As the numbers continued to increase, Giorgio Armani introduced several new products under different labels—Armani Exchange, Armani Jeans, Armani Collezioni, Armani Junior, Armani hotels, etc. In order to gain extensive attention, Giorgio Armani used the media (advertising, TV spots) to promote his products leading to the success of “power suits” for men.

He is best known for emphasizing the clean cut and tailored lines of menswear. In the mid 80’s Armani introduced the “power suit” for men and women. The “power suit” was inspired by 1940’s Hollywood with padded shoulders and wide collars. It quickly became a success and was featured in the hit film American Gigolo starring Richard Gere. The film generated a lot of interest with the general public and created a foundation for various promotions on screens (I.e. Miami Vice). Armani also created clothing for theater, opera and many Hollywood stars walking the red carpet. Armani had become a huge success in the United States and revealed his true talent to the world.

Giorgio Armani’s 2015 fashion show showcased new trends that have emulated his past collections, just modernized. His women’s line exemplified many exotic prints (I.e. cheetah) representing the increasing trend of prints this spring and summer. Armani used light neutral colours and many layers to correspond his models to the theme of the show. For his 2015 ready to wear menswear line, Armani used dark shades of colours combining dark suits with checkered shirts, soft belted coats with strong shoulders, cuffed pants and cardigans with narrow collars. Armani’s smoky theme added a mysterious yet subtle fashion look for the new 2015 collection.



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Giorgio Armani is an iconic figure who is known all around the world for his elegant and sophisticated menswear collection. As he is about to celebrate 40 years in the business and also his 80th birthday, Gorgio Armani continues to rock the runway and astound audiences with his talent. Armani has many labels and stores quickly becoming the most successful entrepreneur and fashion designer known today. He continues his legacy and creates new trends and products that set the bar high for fashion designers known today.



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