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Designer Spotlight: Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

By on May 19, 2015

There is no denying that Mary Kate & Ashley are style icons! From basically creating the Boho trend, to designing their own fashion lines these two are pivotal in the world of fashion.

Their label The ROW was first established in 2006! The line is full of timeless pieces, beautiful fabrics, and classic designs. The thing that is so amazing about this line is the fact that its main mission is to support manufacturing of high end pieces in the US. Recently there has been a lot of buzz around the fact that high fashion is dead due to the fact that clothing is no longer manufactured in European cities, but it is shipped out to Asian countries where the craftsmanship of the piece is completely lost. Many are arguing that the fashion world that was once bred in Europe is swiftly coming to an end. With this buzz in mind, it is really interesting to see Ashley and Mary Kate trying to create a high fashion manufacturing world in the US, maybe this can save fashion, and start a whole new revolution for the high fashion industry! I love the fact that they are working hard to make something happen, rather than going along with the crowd and take the easy way out. They have several other lines as well; Elizabeth and James, Style Mint, and other lines carried at JC Penny and Wal Mart.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 4.04.11 PMNow to focus on the two, it is no doubt that they belong in the fashion world. Whenever the two are spotted their fashion sense sparks a huge conversation for all fashion lovers. And the thing I love the most about these two is that they do their best to make fashion accessible for those that aren’t rolling in money, and they always keep ethics in mind when it comes to the production of their clothes. In 2004 they made a pledge to allow full maternity leave to those who sew their line in Bangladesh, and are constantly fighting for workers rights! These two are making way in the fashion industry by showing that fashion isn’t just about what’s in trend, that fashion doesn’t have to be cruel, and that style doesn’t depend on how much money you have.

I give high praise to these girls, because they haven’t lost themselves to the fashion community. They have remained grounded, and are constantly working towards a fair fashion world; without ever compromising style! Let me know @kenziecam what you think of these two style icons!

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