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Drug Store Make-up Duplicates, Picked For & By Fashion Fanatics

By on May 10, 2015

Make-up blogs, tutorials and websites are created to guide women on how to apply make-up and which make-up products every woman must own. Shopping for products at Sephora or Mac cosmetics is quite expensive. Women pay more when all they want is to pay less. Women can purchase similar products that are sold at Sephora in drugstores—Shoppers Drug Mart or Wal-Mart—while paying less for the product.

The first major product every woman needs is foundation. Foundation is a skin colored make-up product that covers up blemishes and gives your face a glowing complexion. Some of the best foundation products at Sephora are Bare Minerals, Urban Decay and Make up For Ever. Each product offers the invisibility of blemishes, oil free and full coverage. One of the best foundations sold at drug stores would be Rimmel London’s wake me up foundation. It will leave your skin glowing but not to shiny, healthy and hide any fatigue or blemishes you may have. Rimmel London’s wake me up foundation can be found at any drugstore. If you like, you can add powder to soften your foundation and give yourself a glowing complexion.

Lipstick comes in various colours and is applied to your lips giving you that gorgeous make-up look. The best lipstick products at Sephora are Nars, Kat Von D and the Sephora collection. The biggest problem is to find long lasting lipstick that does not smudge or leave a mark on your man’s cheek. The product that works well on lips is Kate which is promoted by Rimmel London. Whether you want a matte finish or long lasting lip colour Kate is a must have make-up product. If you’re not into lipstick Revlon makes gorgeous lip glosses that applies easily and stays on longer than most lip colours.

Eyeliner and mascara are the main products that make your eyes irresistible. People want long lasting lashes and an eye liner that makes your eyes stand out. Depending on which eye liner you use—gel or liquid—people tend to want eye liners that are waterproof, highly pigmented, create a smooth finish and a twenty four hour wear that washes off easily. When looking at mascara people want extended and voluminous lashes, no smudging and long lasting effects. Mascara and eye liners tend to be overpriced in drugstores when compared to other products. But, the best products are the Revlon color stay liquid liner or, if you prefer, L’Oréal Paris gel liner. Both are under $10 and create the same effects as Sephora products. For mascara, Maybelline falsies extend lashes and create a darker effect around the eyes. If you prefer a lighter look use the CoverGirl clump crusher mascara. Both create a beautiful look and are extremely inexpensive.

Bronzer is used to lightly contour above the cheekbones and around the face. Nars, Urban Decay and Laura Mercier are some of the best Sephora products for contouring. However, they are expensive. The Rimmel natural bronzer or the Maybelline fit me bronzer blends to your skin tone giving you that natural glow that everyone wants. Believe it or not, these bronzers are under $10 and are great, affordable products that everyone should own.

Eyeshadows are mainly used to accentuate the eyes. Sephora products like Urban Decay, Make up Forever, Nars and Stila are known for their various color palettes and long lasting pigmentation. If you are looking for similar colors from Sephora but inexpensive products look to Almay and L’Oréal Paris. These eyeshadows are perfect for every eye color and accentuate the eyes giving you that gorgeous make-up look. You can use these products day or night giving you that natural and beautiful complexion.

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