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Fashion Wrap Up: Coral, Lace & Runways

By on May 17, 2015

As the winter season has finally come to an end, the spring season is bringing a new set of styles and trends that are seen on the runways, celebrities and even by YOU! Over the past few weeks there have been major trends in fashion that have been seen globally. Here are a few fashion statements that are dominating this spring season:

One of the major trends that are noticeable this spring is the colour coral. Coral was big on the runways for spring and summer of 2015 and has always been a favorite color through the years. It is seen in the collections of Valentino, Burberry, Elie Saab and many more. It is also a versatile color and can be worn with various shades and patterns—light blue, pink or my personal opinion, neutral colors. Whether it is a relaxing day or glamorous night this summery hue will leave you glowing. Ladies, pair your wardrobe with bronzer and a light lip and that is all you need for this summer look.

The next major trend heating up the spring/summer 2015 wardrobe is lace-up gladiators. Lace-up gladiators are the new must have sandals that bring out your inner goddess and convey a new look to today’s day and age. Gladiators come in various designs, sizes and colours. Designers like Saint Laurent, Valentino, Giuseppe Zanotti and Balenciaga are a few designers that have included the lace-up gladiator into their spring collection. The perks of owning a pair of gladiators is its lighter, more room for air and it makes your legs look less bulky. Ladies, if you’re wondering what do I wear with gladiators? A simple summer dress or three quarter jeans will do the trick.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 3.25.10 PMKimono style trench coats are the new loose, comfy and chic bohemian inspired outerwear. The kimono trench coat is inspired by the Japanese term “kimono” meaning “thing to wear.” This spring time trench coat includes a kimono style (previously a long length robe) that adds elegance and beauty, protective material against weather (I.e. waterproof), wide cuts and a hood to keep fashionable and warm this spring.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 3.25.51 PM

Denim has slowly made its way back into the runway. Designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Dolce and Gabbana are a few of many stylists playing with various shades of blue and textures to reinvent denim professionally and in every day wear. From trench coats, to pants, shirts and the typical country or cowgirl look, denim has been recognized on the 2015 runways and in the collections of many designers.

Mixing and matching colour palettes, prints, cotton, silks and materials have become a main focus in the fashion world. Wearing versatile clothing and adding various amounts of prints have dominated the runway. To name a few, Marc Jacobs and Versace have played around with clothing, mixing and matching pieces together and ultimately, twisting fashion pieces to become modernized in today’s society. Ladies, if you want to mix and match YOUR wardrobe, always remember to match colors and not prints. If the colors match, the prints will most likely go together. The safest colors and patterns are black, white and beige—easy to pair with any color! Mixing and matching is hard to do but once you get it you will be chic and fashionable.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 3.25.28 PMThe last fashion piece that has dominated the fashion world over the last two weeks is lace. Lace is one of my personal favourite trends and can be purchased anywhere. Lace is an open fabric that typically shows one’s skin. It is usually made of cotton or silk and requires weaving different patterns together. Lace has been seen on runway shows like Christian Dior, Valentino and Louis Vuitton. It is a major trend that stunned the runways in 2013 but has returned in 2015 known as romantic lace. From sweet dresses to see through gowns, the fashion world is taking lace by storm and using it many clothing pieces.


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