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#FeatureFriday – With Wendy

By on April 10, 2015

For a little while now, YouTube has not only been taking off on its own, but has also been responsible for people’s careers taking off as well. The beauty of it is that it’s so easy to put yourself out there now, just by creating a channel and garnering a viewership that is dedicated to and interested in what you have to say and show. And the new type of fashion blogger is actually now a fashion vlogger, either talking about or doing an interactive video on the latest trends, how to style yourself, and also DIY fashion.

And an innovative, outgoing, and fascinating girl who fits into the last category is none other than Wendy Liu, who is the face and brains behind With Wendy. Wendy shows her viewers how to sew and create garments from scratch, in the form of quick, easy-to-follow videos (most of which are 5-10 minutes long). After meeting Wendy at a blogger event back in November, I just knew we would have to do a #FeatureFriday on her, to show the world what amazing talent we have right here in Toronto.

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What sparked your love for YouTube?

I had pockets of interest in making videos, sewing, and marketing, for which YouTube became the perfect fit, because I could channel all my creative energy into one outlet. I saw how uploading videos and interacting with the online community provided me many opportunities to push myself, and my love just grew more and more over time.

How did you get the idea for your channel?

I was not always completely sure I would stick to sewing forever, as that just happened to be a skill I could use to build videos around. With that in mind, I tried to pick something more broad, knowing that it’s nice to have room to grow and go wherever life takes you. It seemed the only thing I could really promise would stay consistent was sharing about me, so I called it “withwendy”.

When did you know that YouTube was about to be/or was a big aspect of your life?

Graduating from university marked a significant turning point for me because I knew I would be able to move to an area with the raw materials, inspiration, and living space to own a sewing machine. Back then I had 15,000 subscribers and it was unknown what the potential was, but I was very willing to start putting in the effort to see what could happen. (With Wendy now has over 74,000 subscribers!)

What is your favourite video of your own? What is your favourite video to film?

It’s very hard to pick a favourite! Right now it would have to be my video on adding bra strap snaps to any top because it was the most succinct and clear tutorial I have ever made. (To clarify, bra strap snaps are those little loops on shirts and dresses that fasten to your bra strap to keep them from sliding down the shoulder (very handy)) When it comes to filming, I like anything that has a story and a cool backdrop. I’ve never been a fan of doing straightforward model shots with my creations, it’s much more fun to create the storyline and setting to complement!

How long does it take you to film an average video?

Filming alone can be a day of work, and then editing can be another day on top of that. I typically go about it by writing out my action plan, finding a nice playlist online, and sewing until the sun goes down.

How do you decide what piece to make next?

I have a few friends that I trust when they suggest new tutorials (they tend to be girls that pay more attention to fashion blogs than me), and I also make note of all the requests from viewers. I’ll try to mix things up and have a good variety on my channel, while keeping in mind the season and making things that I would actually be interested in wearing.

You have a very different day job from fashion and sewing. Do your two worlds ever collide, and how do you balance everything?

Amazingly they have come a bit closer together in the last few months! I work in Marketing at Air Miles and was recently promoted to focus on young adults, which was perhaps the best fit possible with the age group I interact with regularly on YouTube. I try to take things I am learning in each world and apply them to the other in order to make the most of the resources I have. For balance, I’ve been learning the importance of setting clear stop and start times in my day for the different activities. Letting one carry on for too long will eat into time for the other, while also not working as efficiently because there’s no sense of urgency when there’s no clear end time. Most important though, is to set aside time that is dedicated to rest! Rest is crucial to staying sharp and creative, and also making sure that you’re grounded and focused on the big picture. I tend to read, journal, pray, perhaps put on a face mask, and try to go to bed on time.

How would you describe your personal style?

J.Crew and Adidas – willing to dress up for work but loves fun, adventure, and cannot say no to sporty street style (I <3 tracksuits!).

Favourite Canadian designer(s)?

Pink Tartan for classics, Mackage for fierce days, and Smythe for cheerfulness and creativity!

What are your 10-year goals?

More videos! More adventure! More opportunities to meet people! Forgive me, as you can see I can be a bit of a more monster.

What do we have to look forward to from your channel?

I am still far from where I would like to be on YouTube, and I know there is still much of my life to share. Look forward to things getting more fun and more helpful!

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