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Hottest Fashion DIY’s For Spring

By on April 29, 2015

We owe a lot of things to Pintrest; whether it’s showing us how to do a fishtail braid, how to make a Swedish fire log, or even how to make your old ugly clothes something beautiful and fresh! This article is all about the hottest DIY’s that have surfaced in the fashion industry thanks to this trusty little website! PS, yes the jacket in that picture is a DIY project, check out for some more creative ideas!!!

Paint on Jeans

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 9.34.15 PMThis trend is super cool and unique, and allows you to put a little piece of yourself into your clothes! There’s a whole lot you can do with this, from ripping off your pockets and replacing it with different swatches of material, bleaching the jeans, sanding the jeans, splatter painting the jeans, adding pieces of lace, or even painting one leg with a print or scenery. I think this trend is super hot not only in the fashion industry but in the DIY world because it really lets your inner artist out!


Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 9.34.53 PM

Ya back in the 90’s this trend was all the rage, but this trend has made a return with a more chic comeback! Rather than using actual bedazzle, the options are endless from spike options, to antique pendants. This trend allows you to take a bland piece of clothing and turn it into a statement! You can place your choice of bead, or spike on a shoe, a bag, a coat, a headpiece, etc! You can even take this trend to whole other creative level! Rather than using little beads or jewels, try using zippers, mini pleather belts to create a shirt, or even actual pieces of jewelry and draping it on jean knees, backs of shirts etc!

Cutting, tearing, ripping

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 9.35.04 PMThere have been times where I just take a pair of scissors to a tattered shirt, and am literally amazed by what I have created! Take an old sweater or shirt, cut off the pieces that have become useless and do something creative! You can create a whole new piece of clothing by simply ripping apart pieces at the bottom of your shirt and braiding them together, or by cutting a huge portion of your shirt off replacing it with something cool like fringe!

There are so many different DIY ideas out there! This list could literally go on for days… but I did condense it and picked my top three! These ideas are the easiest to do, and could be done to every piece of clothing to make them new again! The trick to DIY projects is to let your creative juices flow, there is no wrong or right, and in the end you will have something completely unique and chic! Let me know what DIY project is your fav @kenziecam

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