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IMATS NYC 2015 Recap

By on April 19, 2015

IMATS NYC 2015 happened and it was awesome! If you were one of the unlucky ones; like myself, you were unable to attend and had to constantly refresh your twitter feed just to be in the know!!!! For those that may have had a life last weekend and couldn’t live in the moment through the internet here is an ultimate round up of what went down!!!

Thanks to the active hashtag #IMATSnyc you can see highlights of the weekend long event. From the looks of it, all Gotham fans missed some major events… Selina Kyle made an appearance, okay not the actual Selina Kyle, but the actress who plays her. There was an event devoted to Batman, called Before Batman: Secrets of Gotham Makeup. This would have been an amazing thing to see since all fans would get a firsthand look at how they make regular people into our favorite Batman heroes and villains!

A lot of youtuber fans were on the verge of tears by simply “breathing the same air” as makeup star Patrick Star! I mean I can’t blame yall… we’re talking about makeup royalty!

Neill Gorton and Josh Turi did and application of Popeye on stage, and honestly it has got to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen! I mean the makeup makes the character come to life, almost as if Popeye made an appearance at IMATS himself!

Trina Merry was creating art on human beings!!! Yup, she took body paint to a whole other level; it would be a severe understatement by saying it was beautiful; it was so much more than that! It was art, a master piece, and simply breathtaking! Like honestly, this is something that takes great dedication, practice, and most of all talent!

Oh and there was also a proposal that happened!!! Seriously, kudos to the boyfriend who realized how important IMATS was to his girlfriend! Way to take the best event ever and amplify it 5000x.

And safe to say, a whole lot of purchases were made!!! Just take a look at the hashtag; it appears that makeup lovers everywhere spent their life savings on makeup, but who wouldn’t?

If you missed out on the event, and want to see more tweets, pictures and videos search #IMATSnyc on twitter, or visit to see a live webcast from the event!

Tweet me @kenziecam to show me your favorite tweets and events from the fabulous weekend!!!!!

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