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Spring Trends You Will Regret Buying

By on May 10, 2015

Every season comes a new trend; sometimes they can be fabulous… other times not so great. So here is my list of trends that are hitting the scene, and will eventually be something that makes us cringe.


Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 9.12.02 PMWhy? I am so sorry to all those out there that went out and bought a pair, or are lusting after a pair. BUT DON’T DO IT!!!! I remember when I was four years old my older sister would always wear her denim overalls and every single time, little old me would feel a piece of my soul die for her. I hate them so much because I feel that they are not flattering in any sense, they are not fashion forward, and no matter what you pair them with you will always look like you are going to work on the farm for a day. Just don’t do it.

Clear Fabric

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 9.12.22 PMFor some reason this clear fabric or plastic is all the rage? I walked into Topshop a couple of weeks ago and I saw a clear rain jacket, a clear hat, a clear umbrella, etc. Ya back in the 90’s this was cool, and although a lot of things from the 90’s have made a return, this is definitely something that should have stayed in the 90’s. I mean it is a great idea for those that don’t want to cover up their outfit, but again try and find a piece that adds to your outfit. I firmly believe throwing a clear jacket over your fab outfit will just ruin the entire thing. Again, I beg you, don’t do it.


Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 9.12.45 PMLately I am seeing a whole lot of suede everything; from suede shirts, to shorts. At some point you have to draw the line… I am drawing the line. Suede looks great in a few select pieces like a bag, maybe a jacket, MAYBE a dress. But it’s getting out of hand. Not only is it super expensive, but it can be a little tacky. I believe it’s a great statement piece, but for it to be made into a full outfit can be a little excessive, and a little too cowboyish. Stick to doing one textured piece and no need for going full out with texture pieces this summer, one piece is more than you’ll ever need!

Let me know @kenziecam if you agree with my list, or if there any pieces that you would add!!!

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Mackenzie Cammisuli

About Mackenzie Cammisuli

I’m just a girl who adores fashion. I love to browse online, wander in and out of stores as if I’m in an art gallery and truly get lost in the art of creating clothes.“I bought a Vogue instead of dinner. I felt it fed me more.”(I’m a huge fan of Carrie Bradshaw) Is probably the description of my life, with a dash of sass! Follow me on Instagram @kenziecamxo