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Tan on the Run

By on December 3, 2014

Taking spray tans to a whole new level, Tan on the Run not only gives you beautifully bronzed skin but they give you that beautifully bronzed skin all within the comfort of your own home…or wherever you are for that matter!

Tan on the Run is a mobile spray tanning service founded in Toronto by Nicole Hyatt. This company has been around for about 7 years and has an ever growing client list which includes many celebrities and fitness models. The total process takes about 30 minutes including set up/take down, mini info session and application and the tan lasts up to 7-10 days!

How many of you have extremely busy schedules? (Hello, exam season)

How many of you have ever fallen victim to the dreaded oompa loompa effect from spray tans? (Yes)

How many of you have had your spray tan streak and leave a smelly odor? (Unfortunately yes)

You shouldn’t have to suffer these consequences to be bronzed and Tan on the Run agree which is why they have created solutions to these problem!

Vancouver Tan on the Run Rep, Derah Larson, came to my home to spray tan me and basically blow my mind and change my life. Not only did she give me the PERFECT natural looking tan but she also educated me on the company, service, products and pre/post tan procedures.

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The application process took about 15 minutes and in this time, Derah alternated from spraying me with the solution to drying my tan with a fan to prevent streaking.

By the way, all Tan on the Run tanning solution are completely organic and use natural beet sugar which naturally react to your skin to give you a natural beautiful bronze achieved immediately upon application.

Once the application process was complete, I looked in the mirror and I felt whole again

NO oompa loompa effect

NO streaks

NO smell

NO more pale skin damaged by mid term exams


Derah informed me that the colour that I saw once the application process was complete was the colour that it would remain. This meant I wouldn’t look into a mirror a few hours later and all of a sudden be 4 shades darker than I wanted. Amazing.

The tan lasted me about 9 days and faded evenly which was great because I didn’t look like I was blotchy when sadly returning back to my pale state.

Overall, this experience was 10/10. Derah was not only professional and knowledged but she made me feel completely comfortable! (Very key considering she was about to see me naked!!!) I honestly can’t wait to get my spray tan with Derah again and I now refuse to get a spray tan anywhere else as Tan on the Run has DEFINITELY set the bar high.

To book your appointment go to or contact Vancouver Rep, Derah Larson, at 778-378-8266.


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