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The World of Fashion and Instagram Advertising

By on May 30, 2015

Fashion is an industry that has perfected the art of advertising. Rather than selling just a product, they are selling a lifestyle. This lifestyle differs from label to label, but it is thanks to Instagram that brings this dream world to life.

Following different labels on your Instagram can be a good but terrible thing. Speaking from experience, I have followed all of my favorite labels just to get some inspiration and to be in the know for when there is a flash sale. This is where I have made my mistake; Instagram is a platform where you get to post photos from your life, but labels post photos that not only endorse their product, but also endorse the lifestyle they are trying to sell. Going through a labels Instagram you don’t see only products, but you usually see a girl in a product living a life that most of us want to live; whether it is a road trip picture, a beach picture, a club picture, etc. This is the picture that usually convinces us to rush to the website and purchase that product; we feel the urge to live that life, and buying that product will bring us one step closer to that life. Although this is never the case, this is probably the number one reason why you want that product.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 2.07.20 PMCourtesy of Doutzen’s Instagram

The reason why Instagram advertising is genius is because it is a free platform to sell your products. Labels no longer need to worry about getting their ad in magazines or on billboards; simply posting it on Instagram will receive the attention needed. A lot of fashion labels have fashion interns, or models that are constantly posting pictures of their product. This leads to multiple forms of advertising since this third party is posting this product their followers will suddenly want this product as well. The slippery slope that is Instagram is that it is a huge form of advertising. Although you don’t need to follow a specific label to see their product you will eventually see this label through the grapevine of Instagram accounts!

Speaking from experience I followed the Instagram account “SomethingNavy”, in one of her photos she was wearing a fabulous outfit that I just couldn’t resist. She tagged the label, which lead me going to the labels Instagram. I eventually unfollowed SomethingNavy, but to this day I go on the labels website and Instagram daily!!!! This is proof that Instagram is the number one form of Fashion advertising!

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 2.08.41 PMCourtesy of SomethingNavy

Fashion and Instagram are perfect for each other!!!! Since the world of Instagram is pictures of people doing things, you are constantly seeing ones outfit. And this leads to the want for similar outfits or pieces. It is a free advertising website that is consistently feeding into the fashion industry. They work perfectly together, which is a great thing for labels that are trying to get their names out there, but it can be a terrible thing for those (like myself) that have a fashion and shopping addiction.

Let me know @kenziecam what you think about the fashion industry and Instagram, tell me about your personal experiences that may have lead you to finding a label that now owns your heart!!!

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