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Top 5 Ways to Pull Off Oversized Clothing

By on January 20, 2015

There is nothing I love more in this world than oversized clothing. You always feel so comfortable and warm… which is essential for these winter months. But there is a problem with oversized clothing; you tend to look frumpy, and sometimes like your body is drowning!!!! I am the first to admit that I run into this problem literally every day, so I have come up with 5 ways to conquer these problems!

The Shoe

Shoes are absolutely essential to every outfit (DUH), but your oversized outfit is simply DYING for an amazing shoe to compliment it! Whether you are wearing jeans, leggings or whatever it may be; you need a killer shoe. This takes your baggy sweater from drab to fab, almost instantly making you look super chic. Try avoiding a pair of flats, go for a bootie that has a heel, or even pair that sweater with a pump… and if you want to be risqué totally pair it with a thigh high boot!!!! This is the perfect way to take your oversized look and add a touch of high fashion.


2Free People
Pretty undergarments will make all the difference to you! Now I know that some think it’s tacky to let them show, but there is a way to do it and still be classy. This is the trick I use when I like to wear an oversized men’s shirt, or even an oversized sweater that has a lower neckline. Wear a pretty undergarment that adds a touch of feminity. Go for an undergarment that could be worn as a regular piece of clothing, this avoids that tacky look. Adding lacey pieces instantly transforms that oversized piece!


Now if you have an oversized shirt or sweater that goes past your bum you have lucked out and can get away with wearing just pantyhose underneath. This is my favorite way to change the look of an oversized piece. Try pairing your transformed sweater dress with a pair of booties, a nice coat and a killer bag. The key to this look is layering; this helps the outfit look more put together and clean. I know some may think this look is a little bit risqué or “young looking” but it all depends on what you pair it with… if you want a more professional look go for a pair of pumps and a nice little clutch.


I know that a skirt is not the go to piece when wearing an oversized sweater, but trust me it looks absolutely amazing!!! Try pairing your sweater with a tight skirt underneath, that way it gives you some shape and stops the “drowning effect”. This look is a little bit more professional and is something you can totally get away with at the office.

Work Pant

5The Beauty of Life is
Now I know everyone is skeptical of making an oversized sweater office appropriate. When thinking of oversized pieces our automatic thought is comfort. Pairing your piece with an office pant automatically defines your shape; therefore you are no longer drowning. And pairing it with an office pant automatically cleans up the look and makes it super chic.

There is no need to be scared of oversized clothing, you can make it appropriate for day to day, still be comfortable and you don’t have to compromise your style! Have fun with it, and try to pair it with things you wouldn’t do normally… that’s usually how a trend is born!!!!

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