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Top 5 Dentists in Toronto

By on January 15, 2015

The last thing that anyone wants to do is go to the dentist. This is generally a terrifying experience for most people; no one likes having someone prod and poke in their mouths for hours on end. Unfortunately for those who have such an aversion to the experience, going to the dentist is not something that can be avoided. The dentist is integral to maintaining oral health and well-being. Because of its importance, this least loved of all medical chores can be even more daunting.

Luckily, we’ve discovered some dentists who are not only incredible at their jobs, but are also the very best at making the experience of going to the dentist painless, easy, and maybe even a little enjoyable. If you’re in the market for a fresher smile, here are our top five dentists in Toronto.

Archer Dental - Best Dentist in Toronto

When it comes to her patients, Dr. Natalie Archer ensures that care and trust are her priorities. Archer Dental - Best Dentist in TorontoGraduating from the Dalhousie University school of Dentistry in 2001, Dr. Archer has gone on to receive several certifications and awards in the practice of Dentistry, including the Brasseler Award in the Dalhousie Faculty of Dentistry and a certification Intravenous Conscious Sedation at the Albert Einstein College Of Medicine in New York. Her practice, Archer Dental, are the culmination of her passion for Dentistry and currently have two clinics in Runnymede and Rosedale.

Dr. Archer believes that proper dental care is a cornerstone in the health and well-being of a person. With a particular focus on the needs of the elderly, Dr. Archer has devoted an extensive period of time in the specific field of Geriatric Dentistry. For ten years, she practiced mobile Geriatric Dentistry throughout Ontario, visiting nursing homes, hospitals, and independent residencies while also giving talks on the subject of dental health. In recent years, Dr. Archer has become part of a very unique program. She was awarded a grant for a groundbreaking initiative, the Dental Elder Awareness Response Project (D.E.A.R.) This project not only brings awareness of the dental needs of elders in Canada, but also the awareness of elder abuse in care facilities across the country. Seminars to this topic have been available to elderly residents, dentists, and care providers throughout Canada.

With Archer Dental, the two practices cater to clients with every walk of life. The Runnymede location specifically is a cutting edge that provides wheel chair lifts and ramps for full accessibility. Archer Dental was recognized as Canada’s most innovative dental practice in 2013. Every member of the staff specializes in the particular needs of each patient, with their values aiming for respect, kindness, quality, innovation, and “extra mile service”. The practice additionally acknowledges the apprehensions most people have towards the dentist and aims strongly to overcome these hesitations.

Archer Dental - Best Dentist in Toronto

Dr. Archer is a member of several esteemed associations, including the American Geriatric Association of Dentistry, the Special Care Dentistry Association and the Association for Non Profit for Seniors. Her many awards in the field of dentistry, as well as her wide range of dental services, including cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign braces, paediatric dentistry, and geriatric dentistry, leaves her a cut above the other clinics in the GTA. Dedicated to educating and informing patients of the avenues they can take with their dental hygiene, Dr. Archer and her associates are happy to show you why Archer Dental is the best avenue for your oral health.


Address:  600 SHERBOURNE ST SUITE#810 (Rosedale)


Tel: Rosedale (416) 964-9070, Runnymede (416) 763-2000




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Best Dentists in Toronto

Yorkville is a beautiful area of the GTA, an area that can simply bring a smile to your face. That’s why Yorkville Smile is top of the game, bringing a passion for dentistry and customer service into the Yorkville region with a dash of unmatched enthusiasm. Dr. Judy Sturm and Associates have been in the heart of one of Toronto’s most treasured spaces for over 20 years. They were voted Best in Toronto in 2010 and 2011 by NOW magazine, proving that a little smile can go a very long way. Since the beginning, Dr. Strum and her dentists have devoted their clinic to an array of dental care specialties, including whitening services, bonding, dental implants, laser dentistry, and an emergency care facility.

At Dr. Judy Sturm and Associates also known as Yorkville Smile, are dedicated to a lifetime of healthy, aesthetically pleasing smiles. Their mission statement says that every person who walks through their doors is treated as an individual, and with the unique requirements and care that each individual needs. They take pride in their goal for excellence and exceptional service, and with very good reason.

For those who need it, there are finance plans available- an incredible option if you want to get a treatment or two, but aren’t quite sure how to afford them. There is absolutely no feel of inclusiveness here. All patients from all walks of life are more than welcome to get a consultation and speak with one of these superior dentists. York Smile maintains that long-term health and the benefits of a beautiful smile should never be beyond anyone’s reach.Best Dentists in Toronto

Book in a consultation today, and you will surely be left with a smile…


Address: 77 BLOOR ST WEST, SUITE 1202, TORONTO, ON M5S 1M2

Tel: (416) 967-4212



Few people can boast of such a beautiful office space as Dr. Samira Jaffer and her team at Concourse Dentistry. With the art and science of dentistry at the basis of its practice, you know that you have come to a space that is warm, beautiful, and very inviting. A rare thing for a dentist’s office, to be sure, but something that Concourse Dentistry has undoubtedly succeeded at.

Their mission lies in helping the individual make the right choice for their dental care, whether it be in terms of cosmetic or corrective dental procedures. They desire for their patients to achieve their dental goals in a space that you can feel comfortable in, a place full of caring, kind, and professional dentists. Each team member is specifically hired with that goal in mind, so you know that you can expect the very best in patient care.

The founding dentists, Dr. Dorit Sova-Ansel and Dr. Willa Chu have approximately 25 years of experience in the field of dental health. Since opening Concourse Dentistry in 2002, these two astounding partners have founded their clinic on one basic principle; to ensure that their patients leave their office with a healthy, glowing smile. In addition, Dr. Chu has been practiced dentistry as a Humanitarian effort in several countries, including Guatemala, Haiti, Jamaica, and Kenya. Dr. Sova-Ansel is a member of the prestigious Toronto Alpha Omega Dental Society.Best Dentists in Toronto

An award-winning smile is right around the corner with Concourse Dentistry. Book a consultation today!


Address: 77 KING STREET WEST,  TD North Tower, Concourse Level

Tel: (416) 214-2001



Best Dentists in Toronto

Dr. Daniel Isakow founded Framework dentistry and hasn’t looked back since. Although he does offer a general practice for his patients, he also specializes as a prosthodontics’, which is music to the ears of any patient in need of cosmetic or prosthetic dental procedures. A practitioner of Prosthedontics for over twenty years, Dr. Isakow is accurately aware of any and every need his patients might have. Though he has won awards and has worked often with geriatric patients, Dr. Isakow has acknowledged that the need for prosthodontics can be with any patient, regardless of age. He has lectures extensively, both locally and internationally on the subject, and has been recognized all around the world for his outstanding work.

The clinic prides itself on its compassionate, friendly, and professional staff. They work their hardest to put every patient at ease, especially when it comes to reassuring them about the procedures they will be going through. Although corrective and geriatric dentistry is at the height of the game, Dr. Isakow and his team of impressive dentists and dental assistants also offer dental x-rays, emergency care, hygiene care, and services for children. Commitment to quality for every patient at every age is what make Framework Dentistry the very best in dental care. They are always willing to take in new patients and even offer a second opinion, should the patient be concerned about a procedure. With the Canadian Dental Aossication, the American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics, and the Ontario Dental Association to vouch for them, Framework Dentistry will ensure that your smile is its best!Best Dentists in Toronto

If you are in the Sheppard West area and are looking for a better smile, be sure to stop by and speak with one of Dr. Isakow’s phenomenal staff.


Tel: (416) 223-6080


Best Dentists in Toronto

Searching for a new Dentist? Search no further! Dr. Gabay and the team at Portrait Dental are now accepting new patients! In the heart of Liberty Village stands a beautiful, pristine dental practice that offers and incredible array of services, including sedation, Invisalign braces, full mouth restorations, and everything in between. They pride themselves on continuing education, informing each and every client of the varieties of treatments that they will receive within the clinic. This ensures that every single patient is completely comfortable, with no surprises when it comes to  most treasured smile.

The dentists at Portrait Dentistry have years of experience in their fields. No matter which dentist you go to, you can be assured that you will find a professional and caring person who will work their best to give you the smile that you want. Everyone leaves with peace of mind, and at the end of the day, isn’t that what you want most from your dentist? To learn more about their services and how you can achieve healthier and more beautiful teeth, book a consultation with Dr. Gabay or any of the team at Portrait Dentistry. You’ll be glad that you did!Best Dentists in Toronto


Address: 171 EAST LIBERTY STREET, Suite 138

Tel: (416) 534 – 6000

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