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Trends To Expect From Toronto Festival Season

By on May 11, 2015

Summer festivals have truly become the fifth season. They require their own delivery dates and separate consideration in the design process, “will the festival-girl wear this?” is becoming an incredibly popular phrase in the fashion wholesale world. Some brands are even setting up shop at festivals to provide outfit support for any who were less than prepared for the trendy events. It’s just as much about the look as it is about the music these days, so us festival goers have to be on guard when dressing for the occasion.


Here are the top four must-have trends for festival season:


  1. Fringe Everything – Nothing screams festival season quite like a fringed accessory (or skirt or kimono or anything, really!). What’s so great about this trend is that you can really experiment. Not ready to truly commit? Try something simple, like a little fringed sandal, or a sparingly fringed kimono. Wanting to go all out? Opt for the edgy and flirty long fringe skirt!



Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 9.30.51 PMBag Kimono Sandals Skirt Shorts




  1. Crop Tops – Big shout out to this ‘90s revival trend! Crop tops have been weaseling their way back into our wardrobe over the last couple seasons, but for the festival season they are here in full force. With several variations and cuts to choose from, you can bare as much or as little skin as you feel comfortable. Just remember to stock up on the sunscreen for this trend!



Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 9.30.58 PMBlack Print Bralet Taupe Halter Striped Crop Tie Front Blouse Pink Wrap Top



  1. Floral Headbands – The most spirited and fun accessory of the festival season. An ode to the hippie culture of the 1970s, these colourful accessories can be subtle or really stand out. They’re also the perfect compliment to any summer outfit, festival or not.



Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 9.31.04 PMTop Left Right



  1. Folk Patterns – Some more 1970s influence for the festival season – folk-inspired patterns on easy, breezy fabrics are everywhere during music festivals. Be it a light accessory like the scarf, or something more substantial like a maxi skirt or jumper, these pieces add a cool, carefree vibe to any ensemble. They make me want to lay on the grass and listen to some Joni Mitchell.


Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 9.31.17 PMMaxi Skirt  Scarf Top Romper Skirt


If you’re ready to go all-out for the season, combine all or your favourite trends to master the festival look!


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Devon Balcain

About Devon Balcain

Devon is a Fashion Management and Promotions post grad student at Humber College. She graduated from McMaster University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts, Honours English degree and spent the last two years working for a financial advisor in her hometown of Burlington, Ontario. One day she woke up and realized that the highlight of her day was picking out an outfit; conventional office work just wasn’t her thing. She decided right then and there that she needed to pursue her true passion – fashion, and she hasn’t looked back since! Devon is hoping to expand her horizons through volunteering at fashion events and securing a fun and engaging internship for the summer. Along side school she also works part time at Banana Republic where she loves working one-on-one with customers to pick out the perfect outfit for them.