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Tumblr Meets Fashion

By on March 10, 2015

One of the most popular social media sites as of late is Tumblr (if you hadn’t already noticed). The site itself has been around for years, but just recently got into the mainstream of social media. Tumblr is great in that you can “follow” certain types of blogs, and then that genre will show up on your “news feed”, similar to Pinterest. The only different is that, unlike Pinterest, on Tumblr you don’t need to have a photo; it can just be text, which actually gives you a bit more freedom than Pinterest in terms of what and how you can post. You can also just search terms like “fashion”, or get more specific like “Paris Fashion Week street style fw 2015”. If you’re scrolling through Tumblr during any sort of Fashion Week, it’ll probably only take about 10 minutes after a show has ended for beautiful photos (as well as a review of) the designer’s line to hit your dashboard (Tumblr’s newsfeed).

A lot of bloggers and companies are expanding their social media paltforms to Tumblr, as it’s a super fun way to keep your audience and viewership engaged and excited about your business, no matter what or how often you post on other social media or your own website/blog. And it’s not just amateur and new-on-the-scene bloggers who are doing this. You can connect with, “reblog” (kind of like retweeting), and network with infinite amounts of people all over the world who have the same interests and hobbies as you. And a great thing that people are doing with Tumblr is using it as their actual blog. It’s super easy since, like a WordPress or Blogspot blog, the template is already there for you and you can pick and customize it (it may even be a little easier to do it on Tumblr), but you can also add stuff to your Tumblr blog (or Tumblog) that other people post, giving them credit of course.

In an effort to support blogging, and fashion blogging specifically, for the last 4 years, Tumblr has been sending bloggers to New York Fashion Week, to attend shows and exclusive events, so they can report about it on their blogs. And these are bloggers who fashion blog right from Tumblr. There is still so much happening in the blogging world, and I love seeing how each and every year is evolutionary to the world of social media, and Tumblr has become, and will continue to be such a big part of that.

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I have a degree in Business and Entrepreneurship, but my true passion is fashion and so I am currently earning a certificate in Fashion Styling. Carrie Bradshaw is my spirit animal. I love shopping, writing and blogging about fashion, and anything sci-fi.