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Welcome Back, Crop Tops

By on May 9, 2015

It’s hard to deny that crop tops have been back in style for a little while now. For those of you that are against crop tops, let me enlighten you on why they are the greatest thing and why they are here to stay!

A look back in history

Crop tops have been around a little longer than we can remember. Yes, thank you to the Spice Girls who made it a worldwide phenomenon; but they have been on the scene even longer than that! Tracing back to the 70’s all of our gypsy goddesses like Stevie Nicks have been rocking them! And this is why crop tops are here to stay. Although it seems like there is a recent boom in this style of top, it is pretty clear that they have been around forever and will remain around. They will eventually go out of style, and their boom will be replaced with a new trend; but for all those daredevils that love to challenge the norm it’s safe to say that this will be a fab go to piece.

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 9.04.55 PMWhy are they the best?

I personally adore crop tops; I think they look absolutely amazing with high waist skirts, shorts, etc. And for all those out there that love to embody a gypsy, hippie like look crop tops are no doubt a staple piece to your closet. They are also great pieces to wear in the summer weather because they are a small piece of fabric, that covers what needs to be covered but let’s your skin breathe!

Crop tops are DEFINITELY back in fashion, and this is all the reason to celebrate. Although some are against it, and think they can look a bit tacky, my advice is to go on to a trendy high end website and check out some of the styles they have to offer, aka Free People. A crop top can come in a billion different styles ranging from blouses, halters, and tees. There is literally a crop top for every style! Let me know what you think of crops @kenziecam.


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