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WMCFW – Day 3 S/S 2015

By on October 23, 2014

So, we’ve hit the halfway point, and the exhaustion is starting to set in. But being at the tents and being surrounded by this kind of energy and fashion gives you strength and energy of your own you may not have known you had. Take a look at some highlights of day 3 at WMCFW

WMCFW – Day 2 S/S 2015


To start the day off, Rudybois’ collection was super romantic and dramatic, using hues of red, white, and black, in shiny fabrics. There were looks that were monochromatic, using different shades of these three colours, and also looks that mixed two of them together. The garments were very structured and the model’s hair and makeup was also very dramatic, only adding to this amazing vibe.

rudybois photo

Hilary MacMillan

If Fall 2014 was all about the 60’s, Spring 2015 is all about the 70’s. Following Pink Tartan from day 1 and Elan + Castor from day 2 70’s inspiration, Hilary MacMillan did an amazing take on 70’s boho chic. The pieces, like flared pants and long, drapey tops, were so retro and

hilary photo

Christopher Bates

Christopher drew inspiration from the desert and a safari, and his collection for Spring 2015 was pretty much perfect. There was everything from sweaters to trenchcoats, and from camo pants to khaki shorts. You can never have enough earth tones for a Spring collection, and that’s exactly what this consisted of. Lots of beiges, khakis, whites, and even some blue. Overall, the garments were very structured, but with a laidback, resort vibe.

bates photo

(bates photo)


Klaxon Howl

This collection took us through a few different decades, from the 1930’s into the 50’s, focusing on militaria, workwear, and sportswear. There was live drumming (but soft, percussions), which created a cool mood, and a lot of hipster-esque looks coming down the runway.

klaxon photo 

(klaxon photo)


Rachel Sin

Rachel basically did two collections in one; the first half of the show (“work”) included very office-inspired suits and dresses, while the second half (“play”) had some more playful pieces, like floral dresses. Both collections had a very sleek and clean feel to them, even while the “play” pieces had more shape and print to them. The colours used in the “work” half were blue and red (on the darker side) and beige and black, and the colours in “play” were lighter tones, like white, yellow, light blue, as well as floral prints.


work photoplay photo



A great theme I saw in this show was primary colours. There were gorgeous jackets and bags in rich hues of blue, red, and yellow, which contrasted the classic army-green and black ensembles so beautifully (especially when both themes were blended into a single look). I noticed a lot of sheer skirts (even for men) with lots of slits, and fringe skirts, which gave the collection a breezy feel on the bottom and a structured feel on top (with their trademark jackets).

mackage photo

Hayley Elsaesser

What a way to end the night. This collection from Hayley was so playful and fun, I felt like I was attending a sleepover party. All the models looked young and like they were having a great time, and the garments were all candy coloured (light blue and pink, and seafoam green). That is, when they weren’t covered with playful prints, like planets, mouths, shooting stars, and the word “heavenly”. These separates and dresses were never too fitted, which also contributed to the laid-back, pajama-inspired vibe. It was also super street chic and extremely wearable. In terms of beauty, the models all had pin-straight hair topped with silver glitter, which just brought an even bigger smile to my face and made the show more fun! (Hayley is the one in the middle in the top left picture).

hayley elsaesser photo

Now, get ready for Day 4!

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