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The Year Round Leather Jacket

By on October 30, 2014

I am the biggest fan of the classic leather jacket. I find that it changes everything you’re wearing, and can instantly make you chic. But living in Canada it is hard to rock one year round when 9 of the 12 months are rather cold. So I went on the hunt for the perfect leather jacket that can be worn year round! Here are my top 5!


This beauty comes from Burberry, and is the most expensive on my list coming in at $3,795. I adore this jacket because it puts a twist to the classic moto jacket. Adding the fur makes this coat a lot warmer to wear when the winter months come rolling in.


Although this jacket isn’t a classic leather jacket, it still has that touch of biker chic. I adore this jacket by All Saints because you get the best of both worlds. Throwing on this jacket won’t instantly turn you into biker chic which is great because you get to play with different looks.


This jacket by Nasty Gal is an amazing statement piece! What I love about this jacket is that it is a little bit longer, and the extra piece of material added on the bottom creates a fashion forward twist while also adding extra warmth. This jacket is a piece that you would see being rocked at Fashion week!


Nasty Gal does it again! Another amazing and affordable leather jacket! This would be super warm to wear year round; it has fur lining on the inside which adds to your warmth and is made of vegan leather, yay!!! This jacket will keep you warm while keeping your chic style intact.


I cannot get over this jacket! What I love most is the fact that it still has the classic moto look, with fur lining and a hood! This jacket will keep you super warm and will allow you to still look biker chic. Le Chateau doesn’t make you compromise style, and best of all it saves you $$$ in your wallet… double win!

Even though this winter is going to be a cold one, you don’t need to compromise your style. There is always a warm alternative to your classic look! Be on the lookout for pieces that you want and can wear year round!

Happy Halloween!!!

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